Kansas City Transportation Authority and Street Car

Kansas City Transportation Authority and Street Car

Brickwall Solutions takes great pride in partnering with the Kansas City Transportation Authority (KCTA) to revolutionize public transportation in the city. As a trusted technology partner, Brickwall specializes in retrofitting street cars with advanced systems, seamlessly integrating modern amenities and cutting-edge technology into the existing fleet. By upgrading the street cars, we enhance passenger comfort, safety, and overall experience, ensuring KCTA stays at the forefront of urban mobility solutions.

Moreover, Brickwall Solutions plays a crucial role in modernizing Kansas City's street light system. Through our expertise in programming and automation, we assist in designing a smart and energy-efficient street light infrastructure. Our team collaborates closely with KCTA to implement intelligent control systems that respond to real-time data, adjusting lighting levels based on traffic patterns and environmental conditions. This not only reduces energy consumption and environmental impact but also enhances public safety by ensuring well-lit streets throughout the city.

With our innovative approach and dedication to creating smart, sustainable solutions, Brickwall Solutions and KCTA forge a partnership that elevates Kansas City's transportation and urban living standards to new heights, fostering a brighter and more connected future for all its residents.


23 October 2018